Why does it take so long for really good gay TV shows to appear?

Queer As Folk: Very good show. Set in Pittsburgh, which is some kind of relief from NY/LA, the “smart” locations. Looks at some real issues in a realistic way.

Shortcomings: Everybody (except Sharon Gless) is a model. No bellies; no wrinkles; huge muscles; sculpted bodies (isn’t this what ALL people should look like? It’s no trouble really).

Situation comedy setups began to sprout more often as the show progressed.  Wince-producing stuff.


Looking: Unwatchable. All models; nothing realistic; focus on San Francisco angst of the privileged: Oh, my gallery opening just ran out of smoked salmon! What am I to do?! 

A California version of Sex and the City.


Good morning. I’m already opinionated. Yesterday I read that monumental piece in WaPo about Trump’s Russian ties. Unbelievable. Where are the croissants?

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