Is it Tuesday? It’s Tuesday, right? It’s either Monday or Tuesday — possibly Wednesday.

I saw a girl yesterday on the corner near where I live. She was sitting on an overwrought bus bench covered in ceramic mosaic patterns. It appeared as if this girl were homeless, and she had a Bible opened to about a third of the way through. And she stared across the intersection by this new taco place that looks like it’s going to be delicious. I don’t think she was thinking about tacos. More than likely she was contemplating the punishment she would mete out to whatshisname or his female counterpart from what? Three years ago? Twenty years ago? The initiating act was probably just a garden variety misunderstanding, just a misplaced word or even a glance dropped at the wrong moment. It might have been ignored and the world would have moved on blissfully unaware. But this slight has grown to biblical proportions by now. And the levers of retribution, maintained by true believers, stand at the ready.



Good morning. I already ate my two hard-boiled eggs.  Ha ha…I just spelled “egg” with one ‘g’ and it looked like this: “eg.” But don’t fret, I was saved by the autocorrect, who’s always looking out for me. But here’s my question: Is Donald Trump really, really that stupid?

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