It’s been a few days since I’ve visited. So I’ll jump in with another flaccid assessment of American culture, at least TV culture.

There’s a new TV show that premiered last night, “Salvation.”

Here’s my premise:

Artistic endeavor won’t be starved to death from outside, it will starve itself to death due to greed and cowardice. And it doesn’t matter whether greed precedes cowardice, they’re part and parcel of the same thing.

This isn’t any sort of new revelation. It’s actually been portended for decades.

It’s just that this new show really has potential to cover new ground. But there’s that scary word “new.” New is really really dangerous, and involves risk, which shareholders don’t care for.

So best to keep it safe.

So here’s the story: Discovery of errant asteroid heading for earth in six months’ time.

Will they: divert it à la Bruce Willis? Probably not.

Will they: build a space arc so big that it will hold everybody on earth? Probably.

The star: Jake Gyllenhaal kind of guy: dorky persona (wardrobe/affectations/physical stature/academic genius outsider but humble like the best of ’em)

Love interest #1: Ingenue, pretty, worldly, sexy, curious, talented but outshone by Gyllenhaal b.f.

All of everything is derivative because derivative is safe.

I’m boring myself to death.

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