It’s still morning, so there’s still time

So WordPress has taken to reminding me to upgrade. It’s just a few more bucks, they remind me, which they claim will allow me to make money myself.

It just makes me so tired and so disappointed and hopeless that life has been reduced, once again, to venality, but grateful that ice-cream still exists and bad television, because really, I can’t imagine myself grading papers today after my tender sensibilities have suffered such an assault.

I think about disappointing all those students who are awaiting their first grade of the semester. I see myself shrugging in answer to their question: Did you grade our work? To which I offer my explanation: The dog ate 1.5 entire days. Sorry. I will get it to you Monday.

They will buy it. They always buy it. But they will be disappointed, which I tell myself is a valuable life lesson that every college student should learn at the outset of their academic careers: disappointment is part of the human condition, so get used to it, ladies and gentlemen; that and the gradual realization that their opinions don’t matter, to anyone.

Which begs the question: Am I a bad person?

A: Sometimes.

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